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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

London 22-23rd June 2011

We travelled up on the greyhound from the island, which was easy and effortless!! Arrived at Victoria and then went for a 3.5 hour walk around london in the rain, walking along the river up to Buckingham palace, along the park and across to Hyde park. Met everyone else, and had some food. Found the hotel- for £80/night for two people, for it's location, it wasn't too bad!

Had a little nap and then we headed to Hyde park in brilliant sunshine!
Arrived just in time for White lies who were amazing!!! Loved them!
Kings of leon were once again, phenomenal!! Brilliant stage show, chatting with the audience, the songs were played brilliantly, they were just awesone. Better than at iow.
I didn't really listen to paul weller - but I was told he was good, hah.
Kings of Leon

The drinks were £4 each - but there was a much better selection than there was at the iow festy. The facilities in general were much better; the toilets were constantly attended and cleaned after every few people, as well as having a mirror and flushing!
Walked around for a bout an hour before getting a late-night maccy-Ds before heading to our hotel for a good night's sleep!!! And it was much needed!

In the morning we headed down for breakfast with M&D. It was...very faulty towers. So the breakfast room for a hotel with 13 rooms contained 4 tables - and it's very own Manuel. There was two options on the menu; eggs or cereal, along with luke warm orange juice and tea.

Met everyone in the local spoons for a drink and to make plans, me and ben decided to head to the Zoo!
It felt like we walked the monopoly board, and the walk through Regent's park was beautiful. We spent all day there and it was lovely.

I really want to go back to london for a couple of days again, maybe just before christmas.


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