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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

This is going to be a long one...

I absolutely loved my holiday!! Hotel was fab, weather was boiling (most days), staff were brilliant! It was so relaxing, and such a nice treat after I'd finished uni! We'd get up at 7am, get ready and head down for breakie - now the food was brilliant, such a wide variety and always freshly cooked! Out into the sunshine for 8am, snooze in the sun until about 10am, have a swim and a drink. More snoozing until 12pm - lunch time!! Again food was always fab, tonnes of fresh fruit and salad, nothing fried (no pizza etc)! Out into the sunshine to snooze some more until at about 2pm when we were brought (waiter service at the pool!!!) a rather yummy cocktail!! Again more snoozing in the sun - or book reading until about 5pm. In, showered and changed, and off for dinner. Again, yummy, yummy food, and then off to the bar until bed time.
We didn't really take any pictures - just photos of the drinks every day, ha!
^ That was our routine all week - I bloody loved it!!! ♥

I got home on the Saturday, went out, saw my people etc. By the Tuesday I had a job, woop!
So I'm doing 30-40 hr/week in a hotel, mainly in the kitchen, but I can sometimes be found in the dining room, chambermaiding or even behind reception. Easy!!! Gives me lots of pennies to play with!!

I ♥ Wight (IOW) festival 2011
LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ben & I in our  Sunday get up.
First year I was sober enough to remember it all!! Even though I was exhausted as I worked 8am onwards everyday!
This picture pretty much sums it up! (The mud was only on the Sunday mind!)
Wasn't particularly impressed with Boy George on Thursday. Kaiser Chiefs and KOL were amazing on Friday!!
The sea of mud on the sunday.
Chase and Status were good in the big top and the Foos were bloody awesome on saturday night!!!
Sunday was a pretty great day despite the rain - I ended up with a new hat, and the acts were good as well!!!

Monday 13th June - My first uni results day!
I PASSED!!!!!! Woop! I didn't exactly kick ass, but I passed! And was pretty suprised with my a&p grade, which is what I was most worried about!!!!

Next week I am off to Hyde park with a few people to watch KOL etc... Gunna be good!!!


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