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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Because I said I would post a pic.

My nails at the mo! French with a pink polish. I must admit I was impressed with myself, even if it did take me 2 hours!

I will keep the extensions on for a few more days letting my own nails grow before taking them off and just having a gel overlay.
I feel it is important to have a smart appearance all the time, and this must include hands. This is especially important considering the profession I am going into.

Also saves me £30 per set, which is good considering I am, after all, a poor student!! Well, hopefully I won't be this year as I have saved a lot this summer, so I will have a lot more than I went with last year. And I will be paying just under half of what I was last year for rent. So I think I can afford to treat myself and keep some of the little luxuries in life :) (As I am cheap, and easily contented - as anyone will explain).