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Monday, 8 August 2011

What is the world(England?!?) coming to: An open letter from a 19yo.

Dear people that I come into contact with everyday, work with, sit on a bus with, read about or see on the news etc.

Today it dawned on me that people of around my age no longer have the necessary skills to cope in the real world. No longer can we cook a basic meal, relying too heavily on microwaved convenience foods; can we make do and mend - what is sewing anyway?! No idea about money and finance, no plans for providing and saving for the future, no private pensions, no 'saving for a rainy day'.
No longer do people take the time to become acquainted with their government, with politics with anything that has a MASSIVE impact upon everything in everyday life, apparently ignorance is bliss because 'it doesn't matter what party we have they are all the same'.

           I encountered a person today that couldn't clean a toilet. Now there was no physical restraints placed upon them, none what so ever, nor was there any cognitive restraint. However it seemed almost impossible for them to clean it. Firstly there was just some general brushing about the bowl, no bleach, nothing. When bleach was then suggested something must have occurred because I was told it had been cleaned. When said toilet was checked it clearly hadn't been cleaned - how is that possible? Cleaning a toilet is a basic, easy task, no hard thought needed. Are people my age really that inept?

The art of communication is all but lost, it's all facebook this, and twitter that, oh and of course there's bbm, texts and emails. What is wrong with speaking to each other? It's as if these people that have no time to use full words and correct grammar are too busy to write a succinct message in proper English, but of course most of these that talk in 'text speak' with words like 'da', instead of the (which by the when when read aloud just makes you sounds like you have a speech issue!) actually all the time in the world to write and correctly spell a message as so many are job shy, free loaders, who are 'too good' for the many jobs that are around, such as cleaning or care work.
(By the way, when you spend all day sat on your arse watching Jeremy Kyle you most defiantly are not better than cleaning work!).

I think this change in priorities for the younger generation is going to be are downfall! Kids are more aware of their rights when it comes to breaking the law and then taunting the people trying to enforce the laws of our country than they are of the things going on around them. There is far more important things in life that the small bubbles (communities if you wish) that people see them self as the centre of. A wanna-be 'gangstaa' was shot dead. Ergo we riot? NO!  Why the mindless violence? What's it prove, what will it gain? There's no reason for the riots at all!
People are reasoning this one out yet none of their conclusions, and excuses make any sense. The most ridiculous thing I have read tonight is someone on face had posted on their status: 'Why are people rioting, what is the point?' and they received a response of: 'dey r jus lettin off steam.'.
Letting off steam?!?! I choose to 'blow off steam' by having a few drinks and a laugh with my friends, not by indulging in mindless violence, rioting and looting!!
High unemployment, and low education levels are not an excuse for the disgusting behaviours displayed in London, and rapidly spreading to other cities.  Animals behave better than some lowlife human beings that unfortunately exist on our planet as nothing more than a drain on our resources with an excuse for everything and blame dished out for anything and everything, yet nothing attributed to themselves.

Ergo we riot? NO!

Do these people not realise they are writing our history? Fuelling the daily mail and the anti youth idea that is so popular with the older generation? To those who are rioting: Why cover your faces? Because surely this shows you know right from wrong, and are ashamed of your actions.

I just heard an interview on the news where a girl said 'I'm not a thief but I am angry' - No! You are a thief, plain and simple, if you steal and loot, you are a thief. If you are angry focus your energy on changing something! 

I am ashamed and disgusted with the behaviours displayed over the past couple of days, how can people act like this, it is depraved! I don't need to write a comment about the state of the country because the evidence is the fact that London city is currently on fire.
I hope that the violent law breaking individuals, that are risking the lives of others, and ruining property do feel the full force of the law! However I do feel this may not happen. If the police cannot cope and regain control over the mindless minority, I feel that the army should be brought in. If you wish to be an idiot and ruin your own city, run about acting the 'protester' then they should be dealt with using the necessary force, whatever that may be. At the end of the day is is our country and we should protect it and protect our people. Even if this means it is being protected from people from the country it's self! It doesn't matter your colour, race, political or religious views, you live in our country, you live by the laws or face the consequences. But of course, our army, and service people are off fighting a pointless war that isn't ours to fight, in places like Afghanistan and Iraq, and therefore not where they are needed.

I don't really know what I can write now, I'm beginning to become lost for words, and am about to turn off the news.

By a disappointed, sickened and disgusted 19year old.

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