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Thursday, 8 September 2011

I have had the most amazing summer ever!!

(I will have to write a more detailed summary and thank you, in a week or so...).
  1. Finished my exams and went on holiday to Turkey with Jac.
  2. IoW festival 2011 with a wonderful bunch of people.
  3. London & Kings of Leon @ Hyde park with the Jacksons et al.
  4. Nights out: with the girls; impromtu, etc.
  5. Walks on the beach, enjoying the few 'summer' days on the lovely island.
  6. The many lunches/dinners out.
  7. Cowes week.
  8. And my holiday on monday...I can't wait!!!
Just had a chat with one of my uni girlies, and one of my OT girlies, and can't wait to go back!! Good old gossip in the canteen at uni, and drinks and nights out with my ladies. And it's my 20th, exciting month. Woop!

[Another mention for Jas, haha - I am looking forwar to tea and biscuits soon <3]


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