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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My birthday - Happy birthday to me.... (also first full day at uni).

Woke up to a near torrential down pour, which ended after about 10 minutes, thankfully. Opened my cards (thank you family) and my present (thank you mummy!). Then checked the phone, text from father (thank you, must have taken you an hour :P), texts from friends and a few facebook notifications of happy birthdays from friends. It felt pretty lonely not having someone with me when I woke up to share my happy birthdayness with :'(
Got ready and met Katie, and walked to uni. The day went surprisingly quickly, I wasn't bombared with information, and it didn't really scare me, so I survived ok! Lucy got my a lil pressie and card, which was so sweet of her!!

Walked home, got ready and went to Casa del Jammin (Jas & Kates house). Jas and I sat in bed and watched eastenders whilst pigging out on a large Dominoes each and a bottle of diet coke, mmm birthday pizza!! Kate got home, there was lots of birthday love, and we popped out for a cheeky birthday cocktail in cocos again.
Very yummy! It will have to become a weekly thing, very sophisticated, makes a change from subway or MaccyDs hahah!

I've had a lovely chilled and relaxed birthday, without all the fuss, which was great - But I really miss having all of my friends and family around me, so I am quite looking forward to coming down at the weekend. (I will be home quite late on Friday I.oW family, so I will be about Saturday day time :D).
Thank you to everyone, even if I didn't see you! ♥

I'm officially 20, wow, scary!!!


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