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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Been so busy!

Excluding the weekend I went via Kim and Michael's (thank you it was a lovely night) to the IOW (Dinner was lovely Nanny!) to Portsmouth (Hope you had a lovely day Freya) for Freya's party, I have been in my room like a recluse writing and revising.
18 hours at uni last week, along with 2 meetings, were the only time I wasn't sat in my room working.
Up until now, I have spend 32 hours on just writing my Partnership essay and I think it's finally done! But I will take it to the Upgrade service in the library just to have it looked at before hand in. Now this isn't me leaving things until the last minute - The essay is due Friday, this is just it taking this long to write. I started the research for it the day it was set, which was way back in September.
Xmas tree at the gates
I can honestly say however, I have tried my best, I have worked so blimmin hard on it, I have researched and referenced and appendicised (I don't even think that's a word) to the best of my ability and now I. AM.  DONE!

Yesterday Katie, Suzanne and I went to Blenheim palace as a pre-christmas, essay writing break.
It was lovely! We had roast chestnuts, and sampled all these christmassy drinks and foods, and looked at all these wonderful christmassy gifts, the only thing that was missing was Christmas music. Blenheim palace itself is beautiful and the gardens and the views are too!
We didn't realise that the Crafts fair was going to be held within the halls and rooms in the palace, which made it just that little bit more special.
There was so much I liked, but I only got a small token thing that I need to send to that person, and I hope very much that they like it! I certainly did!!
I'd really like to go around the gardens if I go again.

Cosy log fire.
Woodstock is also really pretty too!! We walked around and had a look in all the shops, and stopped for lunch in a little country pub! Only had a sandwich, and shared some chips, but it was really nice. So cosy too as there was a nice log fire heating the room, which we were sat right next to!!
It was only spoiled slightly by the weird man who approached us twice about buying us drinks, clearly he didn't see how uncomfortable he was making all of us.
All in all it was a lovely day, and I really appreciated the break away from all the uni work!! (which I must add, I will be going straight back to once I have written this entry. Boo!)
Seth's new routine?

On the walk back from the bus station, and through the city centre, we saw quite a few buskers, but this one was rather unique - He was on a rope playing the violin - and it was pretty impressive!!! A perfect way to end the day!!!

And now to get on with the reading that I have to do! Goodbye life!!!


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