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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Revision, yay I love revision. NOT!

Now the essay is gone it's all about the revision.
Had a mock exam type thing yesterday, writing for an hour under exam conditions. Then we fed back to the class and discussed the answers with the seminar leader.
It was quite helpful, and boosted my confidence somewhat greatly, as I answered the questions right, and understood what was asked of each question. So I'm not as worried about that one now!!
But I am going to concentrate on my research methods and analysis exam for now, as it is such a dry topic, and boring, so bloody boring, but it's nice to know everyone is suffering equally, and it saves me from having to try and cram it in next year along with everything else! And I can focus on this until pretty much the day before the exam, when the case study for my next exam is released, so it's not bad timing actually,  although I didn't realise there would be two case studies released and only one come up in the exam paper.

Writing out my revision cards is so tedious. I've done 10, and it's taken me about 2 hours. I probably have at least another 15 to do. And articles to critique...I don't plan to leave my bed for the next two days in order to achieve this! And maybe, if I'm not feeling too drained, read some of my research methods book.
Isn't my life exciting?!
(This all best be worth it at the end!! Grrr)

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