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Sunday, 4 December 2011

The best weekend ever!!!

It really was!!!
I spent Thursday night at Casa del Jammin, where we put the Christmas tree up, and decorated it, listening to christmassy songs, and watched Christmas films, and were joined by Kate and Victoria intermittently. Stayed up talking with Jas in bed until the early morning, and crashed there as I didn't want to walk home!
Woke up to the news of the first round of act announcements for the iow festy, and then remembered I was seeing Seth Lakeman that evening - best morning ever!
So we (Katie, Suzanne and I) managed to actually sit through 3 hours of Research methods without running off in excitement! Suzanne drove us to her flat in Moreten-in-marsh, which I absolutely adore!!! Where we had dinner before getting ready to drive to Cheltenham.

Christmas songs and Seth songs in the car...and a little detour, it was fun! I was so excited when we got there, but I was right, most of the audience were middle aged men! haha.
The support act wasn't great - she had a good singing voice but played weird instruments that kinda made groaning noises, which we didn't enjoy.

Seth came on, woah was amazing! All the band are fantastic, especially the double Bass player. There were a few hiccups with the sound system but it was the first night of the tour. He played lots of new material, and revamped a few of the older songs. He played a couple of my favourites, but missed out loads I'd love to hear him play again. He played Kitty Jay (see video above), and it was absolutely bloody amazing! Even though the strings of the bow broke he continued to play, it was awesome! The hour and a half he played seemed to go so quickly, I couldn't believe it when they played the encore. But he then announced he'd be going out to have a chat with the fans and sign Cds.
'Love Seth' My signed Cd.

Got out to the merchandise table, and grabbed a CD, and looked up and there he was smiling away and chatting to the lady in front of me. Think I had a 'moment' with seth. Even though I just stared, mouth open, possibly dribbling. Even when he said 'Hi, how are you?' I was still stood there open mouthed, dribbling. And,then he signed my cd. Amazing! I was totally star stuck it was crazy haha. Katie and Suzanne said they were surprised at how short he was!
My yummy treacle tart. 

Saturday morning we spent on the sofa watching TV and drinking tea, before heading out to nose in all the little shops. We had a lovely day walking around, and got the yummiest pastries from a café. Then got the train back to Oxford.

Today I did a bit more xmas shopping and looked around the market in the Castle, with all the lights and the carol singers it was brilliant!


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