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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Things that are annoying whilst trying to revise

Things that are annoying whilst trying to revise
1. The wind.
2. The rain.
3. Needing the toilet.
4. Feeling hungry.
5. Being cold.
6. The foreign person downstairs coughing all day.
7. The foreign person downstairs talking until 4am.
8. Back ache.
9. The fear of contracture/pressure sores from being in the same place for so long (OT reference there!).
10. Noisy school kids/students in the street below.
11. Having a headache (mainly from not drinking enough due to not moving from the same spot for 7 hours).
12. Annoying people on social networking sites 'aw bless I've finished my revision, this exam is going to be easy' :@.
13. The fact that you will think about anything but the topic you are revising.
14. The fact you will literally do anything to avoid revision, including cleaning, doing the washing etc.
15. There appears to be so many 'interesting' things on TV the moment you start to revise.
16. People striking. (This happened to me, 'who let the dogs out' is not a chant that encourages pro-active learning).
17. The shear amount of reading you do, and how this makes you sleepy.
18. The disruption to your sleep pattern; it becomes a self perpetuating cycle of tiredness & dispair.
19. People who don't have exams.
20. The size of your computer screen, it's never big enough.
21. The size of your desk, ditto above!
**22. Becoming occupationally deprived! (Thanks Katie!).
**23. Losing your pen!

NB: I am sure this list will grow by the time I have finished, this time next week!!


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