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Monday, 5 March 2012

So, placement, finally!

I'm glad to have got my placement through, as a lot of students had been messed about, told they might not get one etc. 2 people are still waiting for one, I believe and 2 people had theirs cancelled (although one was rectified pretty quick, and hopefully the other will just change wards).

However.... There's been many things that have just not been organized well during this process. A friend of mine had been given the wrong number when calling her practice educator, she rang a totally different hospital, not even in the same area. People have been given placements that are dependent on them finding their own accommodation (as I did last year). And personally, I was given the number of the accommodation office, where the accommodation was a 30 minute walk away each day, crossing an A road, and until I said about this to my practice educator, I was unaware that there was some a 5 minute walk away, specifically for those where I shall be working. It's also en-suite, as the first one wasn't, and it's cheaper. Hmmm.

Really looking forward to starting my MH placement, it's in intensive rehab. 10 weeks just doesn't seem long enough!


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