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Monday, 19 March 2012

Week 2

I cannot believe how quickly my first week went!!! I don't know whether this is a good or bad thing!?

I went home for the weekend, and saw my mother, nanna, Kel, baby Freya and Kim, it was lovely to see them all, even if it was rather brief! Had a great time playing the MJ dance game on the wii, and the dinner was yummy (thanks nan!).
My journey back was awful, I had the worlds biggest suitcase. But I have perfected that struggling female look, and most of the time there was a man to carry my bag :) haha!

So today I was with another of the OTs on the ward, E. She was lovely, and takes a rather different approach to J, but this is good as I will gain a broader understanding of OT in mental health and how the OT process differs. I took part in three groups; a supported employment group, a walking group and a computer group. I also wrote up the notes, and was pleased with my achievement.

Once home I unpacked. I now have plates, and bowls, a pan etc, so I can actually cook dinner :) and saw one of the blokes I live with who told me that there wasn't any form of internet included in the rent...but he is letting me use his unlimited sky for free...yay!

Finally, I was told of some great news, so well done to my special child, told you you could do it!!!!


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