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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Loving my life at the moment

I have so much to look forward to.
I finish my placement on Wednesday. Becky has got a new job, Celebratory drinks Thursday! I have shadowing experience at St Catherines school Thursday and Friday. Back to Oxford Monday evening and the next following two weeks spent catching up with my OT ladies/doing mandatory training updates and  dissertation stuff.
Night out to celebrate that I finished my second year at uni the weekend starting the 1st of June! I can crack on with my search strategy for my dissertation as of June 4th.

June 21-24th is the IOW festival, and June 27th is Ben's birthday.
Photos of Riu Touareg, Boa Vista
The beach - sooo excited!

Hopefully I will be working during the summer... ? (And writing a substantial part of my dissertation; methodology and literature review).

I'm very proud to say that my sister and my auntie both graduate in July. Both of whom have done incredibly well and got great results!!!!

September 3rd- December 7th I will be on my third year placement!

December 11th - 22nd Ben and I will be on Holiday in Cape Verde.
Then Christmas (yay I love christmas) and then In January we're seeing Jimmy carr. And then In June I will graduate... Lots to look forward to


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