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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Paris was amazing. (Photo heavy post)

It truely was. One of the best presents I imagine I will ever receive.

The eurostar was such an easy journey. It was quicker to get from Essex to Paris than Essex to the Isle of Wight.

When we got there it turns out that Gare du Nord really isn't the best laid out or staffed station. Firstly lunch time on a Saturday there were no taxis, then there was only one window open to buy tickets from. (Here starts the queing). We watched some pick pockets who weren't very subtle con a couple out of a fair bit more money than they needed as they 'assisted' them on the ticket machines.

So, we jumped on the metro. Place de Clichy (our nearest station) was only two metro rides away. The Hotel was easy to find. And we were checked in quickly. After dumping the bags, having a nose about the room and leaning out the window to admire the view, we headed out.
View from my room

First stop was to get some lunch.
The weird advert for an orange drink in the cafe we ate in.

Then on to Sacre Coeur. The basilica is so pretty and the views are great. We spent the rest of the afternoon sat in a cafe in Montemartre with a cold beer watching the world go by, people watching. Oh and listening to the cafe owner singing and playing the guitar. That, along with the sound of accordions in the distance meant it all felt typically 'Parisian' and I loved it!! The sun was shining and warm, it was brilliant! We had a look around the shops and in the gallery windows. It was so pretty, lots of small cafes and galleries and the occasionally windmill here and there.
Sacre Coeur
Pretty french sign
The cafe with the singing owner
Enjoying the sunshine

We went back and got ready and then jumped back onto the Metro to find the restaurant Michael had chosen. It was called 'L'affriole'. Modern French cuisine, and despite being a fussy eater it was delicious! Kim and I both chose the Gazpacho, which was well seasoned and the tastiest one I've tried. Michael had  a dish that consisted of smoked salmon and cream cheese, with what looked like cabbage, and pea Veloute. Again Kim and I chose the same main, 'Breast of pork' with a red wine sauce and artichokes. It was really yummy! Our desserts were super nice too. I had Poached Clementine with peach sorbet and Kim and Michael had Fruit mousse with White chocolate. They brought out complimentary pots of chocolate, coffee and vanilla icecreamy mousse stuff. And Michael's coffee came with homemade violet infused mashmallows.

We then went up the Eiffel Tower. Which involved lots of queing. Queing to go up. Gueing for the lift. Queing to go round, etc etc. But it was worth it for the great views and for being able to say that we have done it.
Eiffel Tower at night
View from the top.

On Sunday we had a lay in and breakfast in the hotel. Mmm lots of yummy french bread!!! We then headed out back towards the Eiffel Tower and got on a boat trip (the batobus).
Eiffel Tower in the sunshine.
Typical tourist shot!!


 It was lovely sat on a boat enjoying both the sunshine and the welcome breeze, and seeing so many famous sites of Paris. We got off at the Louvre, and had a look at the art work around it as well as the 'pyramid'. We then went for a lovely lunch nearby before jumping back on the metro to collect our bags.
Notre Dame
At the Louvre

When we got back to St Pancras we went for a glass of champagne. What a lovely way to end an amazing experience. A birthday present I will never forget and memories to last a life time.


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