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Sunday, 7 October 2012


I'm sick and tired of hearing how people's 'practice educators are being really harsh' or really 'mean' or 'unfair' or 'expecting too much'. Now I know in some cases that this may be true. However, when people complain that 'she said she wants me to be doing the job of a band 5 by the time I finish this placement' I'm a bit confused. Why do they think we are on placement. The point of it is to become competent and confident in working autonomously. When you finally get your first band 5 job no ones going to hold your hand, you will be expected to be the competent qualified band 5 that you should be by then.
For some people it seems that their locus of control is entirely external. And considering that Loci of control is something that we study, you would think that they would see that within themselves? No. No, never. And the worse thing is that people actually sympathise with these people. Gahhh where are the rational, sound minded people gone?

On another note, those complaining that they've had to move away from their house/boyfriend/dog/job etc, well you agreed to do so when you enrolled on the course. Don't whine about it now! It's hard for everyone that has to move, but not everyone bangs on about it every day, posting petty statuses on facebook etc. It's really unprofessional considering half the content is derogatory about the university. Don't get me wrong, I have opinions on the organization of the department and so forth, but I do not ever post things naming particular members of staff, and discussing situations across social media sites. I genuinely do not understand how some of these people will cope when working. You can't have a stressful day at work and bitch about it on facebook, it's just unprofessional and immature! Eughhhh!!!
*Rant over*

On a slightly different note I am ill. I have a cold, and it's starting to get annoying now. Sneezing every 5 minutes, and having a sore head mean that I am not a very productive person at work.