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Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Christmas 2012 was pretty awesome.
We'd just got back from our holiday. Had a few brief days of catching up with family and friends and getting bits and pieces finished. I decorated the Christmas tree with Nanny the day before xmas eve, which was lovely, and we did Christmas baking on Christmas eve. Christmas eve dinner was Anti Pasti, which was a change, and a lovely, easy, help-yourself meal.

Christmas day morning was spent driving around seeing family and popping into Ben's to drop off Christmas presents before driving home. This year it was mum, nan, Ben and I. Weird without a baby Freya there. K + M were in New York having a wonderful time!!!

Christmas dinner was, as per usual, the best meal of the year! Because my nanna is the most amazing cook!!! It was nice and chilled out, we retired to the lounge before Sammi popped round and we enjoyed a civilised game of trivia pursuit.

Boxing day was spent at Ben's as it was his big Bro's birthday. Lovely meal at a pub, good company.

Christmas has come and gone so quickly this year, I think it's because I am now an adult. But that doesn't stop me from loving all the jolliness and festivities that come with it!!!


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