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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I've moved! (photo heavy post)

I've moved, finally. And am now living in the cotswolds with Katie (my 'wife') in a lovely little bungalow in a peaceful residential area in a beautiful town, and near to a dear friend of ours.

Yesterday I drove up (first time driving on 'the mainland' or a motorway) by myself, car all packed up. The journey didn't have the best of starts, as whilst parked up at the ferry my battery went flat. I was about 3 seconds from crying, when my dad magically appeared to say goodbye, and I felt slightly less stressed that he was there, and the red funnel guys jump started my car with their magic pack thing and I was all set to go. And I didn't cry. I got to park on the lower deck with all the lorries just in case the battery went again, which it didn't!

I was all ready to go; I had my AA cover, I knew the route, I had a map, and a sat nav, a full tank of petrol, and fluid levels all checked. I felt confident about getting out of Southampton as I had previously navigated for a friend and my dad talked me through it as we went to pick up my sister, which was so helpful in me feeling calm and not stressed. Before I knew it I was onto the A34 and then the A44 without the help of the sat nav - as I had memorised the junction numbers, and route! Once onto the A44 I recognised the route as I had gone that way so many times in the car with the girls. It was a tad on the icy side as I came down towards the town, and for one brief moment when I hit ice I panicked, but other than that it was a lovely easy, stress free journey. I was surprised at my lil car and how well she did. I was worried I'd be sat with the lorries, but she sat at 70 and above comfortably, and although she was a little noisy, and struggled slightly on steep inclined, I enjoyed the journey. Coming into the town and into the close where we now live, meant driving on snow, which I had been taught how to do last year (bearing in mind, the isle of wight rarely gets snow), and had the chance to practice as we have had minus temps and snow the last few days; which was also fine. It took me 2 hours there about from Southampton to our house, 97.2 miles. I still have a near full tank of petrol - I still have 5/6 bars on the petrol gauge.

We signed the contracts with the quirky (and that's being kind) estate agent, Katie's mum helped us unpack the bags from the car, and then we said goodbye. We spend the afternoon sorting the rooms out before venturing off to find the Tesco.  We had a celebratory dinner of Pizza, Cheesecake and Asti, and watching Midsommer Murders. Perfect!!!

Today I drove to Cheltenham. Yay!

My kingsize bed
The shower
The lounge, with the throws.
Katie, in the kitchen.
Our 'desk' and the drinks cabinet.
Katie's tiny room.


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