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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Today was unusual

Today I 'modelled' vintage clothing for the wonderful Lovely's vintage emporium. If you can call an awkward and slightly too big, 5' 3'' person trying to stand up straight and not to look to gormless 'modelling'.

It was fun! Getting to wear fur coats made me feel either very glamorous, or like a pimp. Although squeezing my feet into a pair of size 4 shoes for 2 hours wasn't the most comfortable. And it was a tad on the chilly side to wear just a cotton dress with no tights! Lynette seemed happy with the results, even if the location was slightly odd and we got a few strange looks. It was a fun experience I must admit. Although I don't know how models do it - I would get fair too bored!!!

I had a lovely dinner with Liv and Becky tonight, with a 50% off voucher, £20 for all 3 of us - main dessert and drink, and it was tasty, not bad at all!!!

Really must crack on with the dissertation now though, scary!!!


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