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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Uni workload

This weekend I have completed two assignments.

  • Partnerships, which felt like they were asking us to write 3 different essays with a word count of 2500, which was rather difficult to each due to constraints such as the word count. It enabled me to reflect upon my skill areas as a (soon to be) newly qualified OT and how I meet the proficiency levels for practice. As well as managing to get in theories on management of quality, management of change, collaboration and leadership, oh, and evidencing how I've achieved them. It was a headache to write, but was a useful exercise in terms of self reflection. But I don't feel I learned much from the module, and in fact feel like it was just another pointless hurdle to get over (see previous post on 'Partnerships 3'). But it's done now, and will be handed in on Monday. It was the last 'essay' I will have to write before I qualify.
  • Essential Safe Practice, although the name of the module doesn't particularly fit well with the task. I was required to complete a poster outlining my career aspirations and the core OT skills required for that job area. It is not a marked assignment and is just pass or fail. I could have hand written it in board maker on a flip chart sheet and would pass... Hmmm.
    It linked very much to the partnerships essay and I felt I was repeating myself somewhat, however I've done it and will now pass that module. The posters are to be put up during the 2 days of conference presentations we are required to participate in and attend.  
During the partnerships task I reflected on my planning and prioritising abilities, which lead me to decide that due to the upcoming heavy workload (presentation and exam prep) I chose to get the poster finished this weekend. 

I'm required to give a presentation on a topic area of one of the 3 'advanced workshops' I attended for the skills module. I surprised myself with my topic choice, and will post more about it after I have given the presentation. I remember the advice I was given about presentations and how they should flow like a story, and so I have written a skeleton outline of my presentation; essentially, 'the beginning' (introduction, case study & approaches etc) 'the middle' (clinical reasoning and the intervention) and 'the end' (outcomes, and impact). 

I feel that my weekend has been productive enough that I don't feel guilty and will now spend the rest of the evening reading my book ...


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