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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bestival 2013 (photo heavy)

Bestival was amazing!!! Great company, fantastic music, good times, drinks, food, laughs, banter, dancing, photos, fancy dress - the list goes on. 

 Typical festival shot
Loo roll is multi purpose: A scarve when the evenings get chilly...
...Or as a limbo.
Fancy dress: The girls
& the Boys.

The music.
Random pirate man that appeared in several photos...
Here he is again... :s
People had great costumes.
Although it was a bit rainy, it was ok because we could get 8 people in our tent!

An actual ship for #HMSbestival

Some slightly scary costumes!

All topped off by green glowing trees and fireworks. Amazing!!!

This was the first time I went to bestival after several years of IOW festival, and I am sooo glad I went. There are quite a few differences between them, but these are the ones that stood out to me and made it a fab weekend. 
1. The music - more dj/dance stuff. Very eclectic and very up and coming.
2. The venue - bestival is very hilly - the walking helps burn the calories :p
3. It's less commercialised.
4. There's more variety with stalls, i.e. there was lots of charity stalls, there was a science stall, its more environmentally friendly and it wasn't full of the same £5 hat and burgan van stalls. 
5. The size, bestival is smaller than IOW. 
6. The layout of the stages is better with the bars and toilets in more convenient layouts.

Definitely getting a ticket for next year!


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