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Friday, 23 September 2011

Just got home from my first day of my second year at uni!

It was like I had never left!! Had introduction sessions to the restructuring of the university, and how we are a subject, and no longer a programme. Additionally we are no longer a school of health and social care, but a faculty of health and life sciences. (Guess they'll have to change the road signs then!!).
Also it was explained to us that due to the change in fees etc. the university wanted to give the students a better, richer student experience, and explained a few policy changes, all in all it looked a good thing, like the university was working for the students. I can definitely see why its voted one of the top new universities - I can same I am very happy with the standard and quality of teaching I receive, very glad I chose Brookes, and very glad to be back!!

Looks like I'm going to have a very interesting academic year, all my modules seem both engaging and challenging, and the whole thing makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere with my OT training!
Got the dates of my two exams - Ones an essay based one of a case study, and the OT process, and the other is a multliple choice research and methodology one! Exam week is 16-21st of December so I may be home from uni quite late this Christmas.
My second placement starts week 5 of semester 2, and I have to go back for a week or so in May, 21-1st June I believe, to finish the year, as I start my third placement at the very beginning of September.

Went for a drink with Katie off my course after we walked back from uni, so it was a nice and easy way to get back into the swing of things. Now I can't wait for Monday morning! It only takes 30 minutes to walk from where I'm living to my uni campus, which is a pleasant walk when the weather is nice! Also, only a 20 minute walk into the city centre as well. Might have wasted my money on a bus pass...All this walking will keep me fit. Guess I will want the bus pass for when the weathers bad though.


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