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Monday, 31 October 2011

Today in a lecture...

...my lecturer said:
"...When you will be applying for jobs in 18 months time!"
Woahhhhhh!!! Oh my gosh, it feels so close now I just can't wait to qualify!! Nearly half way through already, now that is scary!!!
Just finished and marked my statistics work book - which I was pleasantly surprised about as I got over 90% correct, and the practice MCQs was over 60%. So not too concerned about that exam, which takes the pressure of it, and the revision (a little bit!); I can spend more time on my EOP2 exam revision and prep then, which is good.
Just going to do a practice exam for EOP 2 once I've posted this - just to gain some insight as to what areas I need to work on.
Oh, and I want to make an appointment with the OT clinic so I can 'gain experience and understanding of assessments and interventions' which only sounds like a good thing!

I really can't get my head around how quickly uni is going, I mean we're already in our 6th week of teaching, and I've been in Oxford for 7 weeks now. That's just crazy!


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