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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Why am I always ill?!

Once again I am ill. And I have been since at elast a week ago, I swear colds last so much longer for me than anyone else!!
Last night I went for an impromptu afternoon out with some OT girls, I had my first burrito, and I liked it! And with it a Corona, which in turn spurred us on for another drink, and another, and finally in an Irish bar, we had pudding! So 1 Burrito, 3 drinks and a pudding later, I was a very happy girl!
Thought we deserved it as uni is getting more challenging, and we hadn't had a trip out with all of us there! Definitely need to so it again, and I was pleasantly surprised with my Burrito!

Friday was dissapointing to me, as we had our seminar in the groups that we have to write an essay based on the information we collate as a group, adn the third part of which, is written on out experience of team working. I was thoroughly disappointed to be placed in a group of 5 nurses, not because they were nurses but because it was hardly multidisciplinary, considering there was osteos, physios and social workers we could have been mixed with too, and in a group of 6, it was hardly fair.
Additionally I wasn't placed with the most pro-active, enthusiastic group, infact I probably was placed with the laziest. A group of, mostly, older students, that believed due to having other important factors in their lives, such as child care etc, that they were exempt from having to contribute or put in as much effort as the 'young' students. (Also they completely disregarded me and the profession I was training to go into, not even having an idea what OT was - shameful considering they train in the same school, the same hospitals and for the same nhs!).
Being told they wouldn't attend lectures because they lived too far away, or meet up to discuss the project outside seminar time because they were 'too busy' was frankly shocking. Why would you sign up for a course if you can't or won't fulfil all the requirements?  I will pay lip service to their already wrong direction, and do the work they ask of me, additionally I will post the information I actually use on the VLE (Virtual learning environment) message boards, and then they have the opportunity to read and use it as well (that is, of course, that they actually use the vle, as I got told I would be 'lucky if [she] even looked at it until Christmas'). /Rant over.

I have lots planned for the next few months, which is nice to have something to look forward to, it gives motivation! Got two seth gigs planned, a night watching the snooker being filmed, lots of christmas activities with the OT girlies, and in that time halloween and then christmas!
So far I'm on top of my uni work, got myself organized and sorted into folders with sections, lots of printing, pre and post reading, and my very handy academic year planner - along with my many lists of things I need to complete. Talking of things to complete, I have my basic life support stuff to complete for tomorrow... must get on with that.

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