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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Productive day!

Finished researching and collating my sources for my essay, plan and draft completed. Meeting to discuss my plan 9am tomorrow morning! Notes written out too. So tomorrow I just have my cue card and printing to do.
It's quite therapeutic really, working my way through a series of tasks, once I reach the end of my list it's a rather nice feeling! Need to buy some flash cards to start my revision with!
               NB: Last exam is DECEMBER 21st @ 9:30am.
I have a nearly full schedule until I come home for Christmas, which is crazy!! But I'm looking forward to everything planned, and I can't believe how quickly this semester is disappearing!

Met my Uncle Michael earlier for a coffee and a chat, which to be fair, was mostly me rambling on at him for 45 minutes about OT and this and that! (So thank you, it was lovely, and I apologise but seeing as you are pretty much my only non-OT related contact in Oxford, you get the full force of my excited ranting xx).

Looking forward to this weekend, going up to Kim & Michael's for the night before heading down to the island, quick family visit, pop over via pompey see my beautiful niece for her birthday party (7 already, OMG!!) and the sister, Dan, Graham etc, and then back home to Oxford!


Ps. Yes, these last 3 posts aren't in chronological order, sorry!

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