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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Been too busy to post.

Apologies! Working 9-5 and then doing research in the evenings is getting quite tiresome, and I am really rather sleepy by about 9pm most nights. I'm still enjoying my placement, and feel like a member of the team, but something about it just doesn't feel like 'real' OT. And it is this feeling that makes me think I am more suited to physical. But I am still giving mental health a shot!

This weekend I went home. It was nice as I nearly saw everyone I wanted, and thanks to my nanna for a lovely dinner! Ben and I went for a lovely home cooked meal at Becky's - Thank you Isaac!! It was lovely to stay in and have a quiet but sociable night for once.

Just to update, I am now in my 5th week. This weekend I am at Suze's with the girls, next weekend I may come home again, the weekend after I am at Kim & Michaels.

Sorry it's a quick post... Too busy to write more :)


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