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Saturday, 8 September 2012

First week is over!

13 more to go!
I have successfully navigated my way to and from work, and survived both the Stratford centre and the Westfield. I have enjoyed every day of placement and am settling in well (placement entry will be written tomorrow). I think I avoided getting mugged. I got on the tube by my self (yay). I had a night out in Stratford, I found a pub called 'goose' (an in joke) and I witnessed Ben and G's synchronised dance moves. Oh and won a limbo competition. I've seen Big ben and the sealife centre. I've watched the paralympics in the park on the big screens on my lunch breaks. I spent my first weekend up here with Ben, and I ended my first week up here with a day in Oxford with Katie and Tracie.

Today was lovely. I was brave and got on the tube on my own, turns out it's fine. As long as it's not busy. I somehow arrived an hour early to meet Katie, but that was ok and we started our mini road trip to Oxford early. En-route received a text from Michael about an open day an Oxfam House, so we went via there and had a nice time looking at the exhibitions etc. And it was lovely to see him too!
We met Tracie's sisters lil dogs which I creatively named 'cat dog' and 'afro dog'. We had a tour around our future home, and loved it. Dined al fresco in the garden, and went for a walk in a nature reserve. It was lovely.

We've planned a night out to celebrate my 21st. Super excited!!


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