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Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Its so frustrating to be running parent workshops all day and incredibly poor attendance from parents. Out of 11 people over 2 works shops 3 turn up. One comes with a child and speaking little English and had to be re booked. 1 parent per session. 2 OTs. What a waste of time and money! Kids could have had sessions during this time, 2 therapists definitely weren't needed.

It's also very frustrating to be presenting and a parent asks a question and the scenario plays out something like this:
Parent: my child has problems with x and does y currently I do z to deal with this. What do you recommend?
OT student: long and detailed answer referring to handouts, presentation slides, equipment catalogues and research evidence.
Parent: *looks at OT for answer, ignoring what student has said*
OT: *repeats what's student said practically word for word*

Addionally why ask if I have children and then disregard what I've said because I informed you that no, I don't have children, as at 21 and in full time education, with no income, that would be a pretty foolish and selfish position to put myself in. BUT I have spent near on 3 years studying all of this, as the title 'student OT' implies. And yes, I do know about handwriting, psychology, posture, behaviour, movement, conditions, self care etc because its WHAT OTS DO. (Also, btw, you listen to a teacher with little  education in all of these areas, who is probably a little older than me and not got children themselves, but not me, seriously?? Smart move *thumbs up*)


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