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Saturday, 9 February 2013


I have taken a week off disseration writing, due to waiting for feedback from my supervisor. I got very helpful feedback from K + M too! I was told that my supervisor needed a week...I gave it a week, sent a polite question as to when to expect me feedback and was told that it was my job to remind her... Not too sure about that one?! And that I would get the feedback later that day (yesterday). Well I didn't, and spent the entire evening stressing! Lunch time today, she got back to me. Better late than never!

The feedback was mainly positive. With advice on my writing style and where I could could add weight to my points, there was nothing majorly wrong with the content- thankfully!!!! So today I will spend synthesising all the feedback I have received, before continuing on with my methodology (which I managed to write 200 words in 2 hours, *cries* ).

Spending an entire Saturday getting to grips with this beast. Fun, fun, fun... My normal motivator of buying something nice has faltered due to lack of disposable income... so I will just have to remind myself of how hard I have worked for nearly 5 years since deciding I wanted to become an OT, and how I cannot let myself down at such a late stage within the course.

4 assessments to go. D-Day (dissertation hand in day) is 22nd March. I hope to have mine in a good few days before this. Then I get a 2 week break for Easter during which I will complete my Partnerships work - which I have made a start on due to the fact I have already filled out an application and to do so had to decontruct the job spec, which is part of the assignment! Then I have a presentation to give in a 'conference style' two days, following specialist workshops, and FINALLY my exam. My LAST exam. Which sounds horrific I must admit.

But I will pass, I will graduate and I will, eventually be a fully qualified, hcpc registered Occupational Therapist. Wow!


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