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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Brain ache.

4 hours of my life have been wasted spent editing and formatting two chapters of the dissertation.

Yes being able to critically appraise literature will be of much use in determining whether my practice should change based on the current and most up to date evidence... yes having good literature (database) searching skills will help me to stay up to date with evidence...yes the practice of writing 9000 words will put me in good stead for report writing...utilising the research methods I learnt about last year has helped understand the methods, which may be of use if conducting research in practice....
Why is so much weight placed on academic writing and not practical skills in terms of marking, because I could be great at writing essays or exams, but be an awful therapist, yet I will (apparently) have achieved the correct proficiency levels for me to graduate and register for my ability to practice autonomously.



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