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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Been too busy to post...

Up to date with my uni work, two loads of washing done, room tidied, hoovered and polished, and my bedding changed. I went into town earlier, saw the Fabulous Baker Brothers at waterstones, had a crepe and a coffee and at 1pm decided that there was nothing left for me to do apart from go home and attempt doing more uni work. On. A. Saturday. So I did. I have researched all I needed to research, read all I needed to read and posted all I needed to post. Then I begun procrastination.

The garden. 
This post will be one of several I assume as I have a lot I want to say/post and it won't necessarily be in the right order.

I spent the weekend at M+K's last weekend. Ahhh it was lovely - like staying in a hotel, with the worlds most comfortable bed! Had a lovely meal at a tapas place, which was very tasty. And there was snow, I got excited but at the same time rather anxious of it. It was so pretty, I did take a few pictures - but I've decided I like to look at it, but not have to be out in it or have to travel.
It was lovely to wake up and look out the garden to see some hairy cows in the field behind, a group of pheasants and lots of birds including robins, which, along with Michael singing Christmas songs, made it feel rather festive!! I had an absolutely lovely time, thank you both so much!! xx

Straight back into uni Monday morning after a lovely relaxing weekend. This semester, well the whole year in general really has been so interesting. Currently we are learning about Social Inclusion; Housing and Homelessness; Working with children with mental health problems; Occupational Science; Substance Misuse and Working in a Forensic Setting in the psychosocial module. As well as learning about Neurological conditions-Cerebral palsy; Moving and handling; normal development and play; Paediatric conditions & intervention; Paediatric assessment; DCD & Sensory Intergration and working with the neurologically involved child in my physical module.

For my psychosocial module I have a presentation and summary to complete. I've been working on this the past few nights, my presentation is finished, I just need to collate the slides for all 3 parts, and just rehearse with the girls on Monday, as the presentation is Tuesday. Which I'm not looking forward to, but as everyone is in the same boat I really shouldn't worry! Luckily the way I produced my working draft of notes for this is in a very similar format to that of the summary, so not a lot of work there, as I already have all my info. In addition to this I have a 1500 word critical analysis of an article to complete, I have appraised the article already using the standardised tool, and once my presentation is out of the way, I will get this done!!

It must look to anyone reading this that studies/has studied a more academic subject that I don't have a lot of work to do. In comparison with other essay based subjects, yes this is true. However, I have such a broad knowledge base to cover, and to know I cannot be expected to have exam on, or write an essay on every subject, as I would be forever doing so!! I research in more depth all topics, as we only really cover them once, and it is my responsibility as a student/ future practising OT to have a certain level of knowledge acceptable for practice. We cover both physical and mental training, and no not specialise whilst training, which although difficult does mean we have enough knowledge and skills to turn our hand to any speciality, generic post, or emerging role when qualified (or that is the idea!).


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